Friday, October 28, 2011

Rain Messed Up My Photography Day

Finished some postcards today but couldn't photograph them because it was so rainy.  My front porch is my photography studio and it was too wet and kind of cold.  Hopefully I'll get to get some good pictures another day!  Check out my shop HERE.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Customer Testimonials

Thought I'd share some customer testimonials--Check out my shop by clicking HERE!

Beasutifully designed and executed. These postcards make a wonderful little gift for framing or as an upscale alternative to a card. I love them.

WOW... The pics don't do these justice! Beautiful and unique. Thank yoU!
Yay! Another beautiful seascape! I don't even have a recipient in mind yet for this one, they're just such a smart idea to have on hand for a very thoughtful, beautiful gift. My cat even gets excited when Linda's packages come since she puts a bouncy ribbon on each postcard that drives her crazy! Thanks again!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mr Snowman Quilted Fabric Postcard Art Quilt

First snowman of the season. 

What can I do with this quilted fabric postcard?

1. Birthday card for a winter birthday.
2. I'll put a magnet on the back and you have an inexpensive classy gift for your boss to put on their filing cabinet.
3. Mail to a friend who has a thing for snowmen.
4. If you have a covered porch, you could add it to a wreath. 
5. Buy several and use them as a grouping on your mantel for the winter season.