Monday, April 18, 2011

Beach Escape Landscape Quilted Fabric Postcard

A serene scene of the ocean and beach. Can't you just imagine yourself laying on this lounge chair gazing at the ocean? Handmade quilted landscape postcard art quilt of a beach scene would make a perfect gift for anyone who loves nature, the outdoors and the beach. Waves are quilted in the sea.

*4” by 6”
*Satin stitched on the edge with ice blue thread.
*Can be mailed in the clear mailer provided.
*Colors are sky blue, white and off white and light spring green.
*The back is an barely blue fabric.
*Created by using layers of fabric and stitching each layer.
*Made and stored in a clean air environment.

Each quilted fabric postcard is individually made. All art quilts are different even if it is a similar scene. Inspired by a photo taken on the west coast of California near San Diego.

Send this quilted postcard as a greeting card for any occasion: Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthday. When it is received, it can be framed or displayed on an easel and kept forever. Group several together to make a stunning display. Send this postcard art quilt to remind a friend of a special outing or evening.

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