Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Boy and a Girl

I had the most amazing week last week.  On Monday, 02-13-2012, I got a call from my middle son saying they were going to the hospital to have their baby.  My husband and I headed east.  They live about three hours from us.  Wade was born the next day on Valentine's Day.

On Friday, 02-17-2012,  my youngest son called to say they were going to the hospital the next morning to have their baby. They only live about 1/2 hour away. Addison was born on 02-18-2012. 

A boy and a girl all in the same week. They were supposed to be three weeks apart but are only four days apart.  I hope they will be best friends for life.   It would be so special to have a cousin born that close together in age.

After going 10 years with one granddaughter, I now have three wonderful grandchildren and two wonderful step-grandchildren.  

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Holiday Temptation

Here comes Valentine's Day and more temptation to eat too much and all the wrong things.  Why do people keep tempting me with unhealthy food?  Valentine's Day should be about your heart and keeping it healthy instead of eating all the wrong things such as steak, baked potatoes with butter and sour cream, desserts and candy.  Ask your better half to support your desire to eat healthy and take you for a walk or ice skating.  Treat him or her to a massage would be great. That's the best way to say "I Love You."