Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sinking Sun Quilted Fabric Postcard Art Quilt

Handmade quilted fabric landscape postcard art quilt of a sunset at the coast. Waves are quilted in the sea. The sun is yellow with pink edge and and several colors of thread to further accentuate the effects of the sun. This postcard was inspired by a photograph taken by me at Coronado on the west coast as the sun set.

*4” by 6”
*Satin stitched on the edge with a copper gold thread.
*Can be mailed in the clear mailer provided.
*Colors are black, gold, charcoal gray, yellow, pink.
*The back is from a crisp white fabric.
*Created by using layers of fabric and stitching each layer.
*Made and stored in a clean air environment.

Each quilted fabric postcard is individually made. All art quilts are different even if it is a similar scene. The inspiration for this postcard is from a photo taken of the Pacific Ocean.

Send this quilted postcard as a greeting card for any occasion: Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthday. When it is received, it can be framed or displayed on an easel and kept forever. Send this postcard art quilt to remind a friend of a special outing or evening.

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