Friday, January 16, 2015

Love the sun shining.  It has really invigorated me today.I also got some new fabric the other day too! I have designed several new postcards. I haven't finished them but they're ready to quilt.  I'll get them in my Sew Upscale shop in the next few days so stay tuned.

I decided I was going to go for a walk today.  Our Black Labrador started whining so I decided to take her with me.  I felt sorry for her because she has been housebound the last few days since it has been cloudy, raining and cold.  This was not a very good decision on my part.  She has never taken to the leash and she pulls like crazy.  Well, that's what she did!  I walked or rather ran about three blocks and turned around. The good part is I made record time. The bad news is she may have pulled my shoulder out of joint.

 Here she is with our cat.  She is normally the most gentle dog.  But don't put a leash on her!

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