Saturday, September 18, 2010

From A Buyer's Perspective

Although I sell on Etsy at (have to get a plug in for my shop!), I am also a buyer of handmade.  If I can buy handmade, I will.  Here are some things I look for in a shop (or don't look for) when I am shopping handmade.

1.  I know you hear this over and over but pictures ARE important. To get me to buy, they don't have to look like the front page Etsy pictures but they do need to be clear.  Also, in most cases, you need to use all 5 spaces. Take a picture of all angles. Take a picture of  the front of the item and the back. I usually won't buy from someone that only has one picture. Makes me think they don't think enough of what they're selling to take the time to add these shots. 

2.  Give a good description.  You may know what it looks like but I don't. Can't talk to you about SEO or any of those things but if I don't see a good description, I won't buy. Look at your product and just talk it out and write down what you are saying. What is it? Make sure you add the dimensions and specific colors.

3.  How can your product be used?  Who needs it?  For example, I sell quilted fabric postcards. They can be sent to a friend as a greeting and when received, they can be framed.  The perfect card and gift all in one.

4.  Proofread. Make sure you have used correct grammar (or at least close), have no spelling errors, and no typing errors. This may not make a difference to some people but it may to others so cover yourself. 

5.  Your shop needs to look like it is in business. Maybe you haven't sold anything yet and have almost given up but if your shop is still open, it needs to look like you're still around to ship what I've bought. Keep adding products or renew occasionally.  Also keep your shop announcement up to date. For example, it's now September and you still have a notice about a spring sale, I'm going to wonder if I'm going to receive my purchase.

These may be simple things. Attention to detail is crucial. And yes, I know, as an artist, this is the part that is so hard to do.

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