Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quiltsy Feature of Sewupscale

My block taken at the Catawba River Greenway Park in Morganton,NC 
I'm so excited for SewUpscale to be featured on the Etsy Quiltsy Team Blog.   The Quiltsy Team is making a traveling quilt.  The quilt is made up of log cabin blocks that are going from city to city.  Each quilter adds their block to the row.  Sewupscale participated in the Southeast row.  After the row is completed, it will be sent to a quilter to sew the rows together and then to someone to quilt the whole thing. After finishing, it will be offered for sell on the team shop.

We were all supposed to take a picture of our block somewhere in our community.  I chose the Catawba River Greenway Park since it is so beautiful even in the winter.

Here is picture of the row after adding my block.  As you can see, the quilt is made of blue, green and purple.

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