Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lost Blackberry

Have you ever lost your phone.  It is very frustrating.  Well, I lost mine yesterday.  I'm thinking where did I put that thing?  Did I lay it down in the refrigerator, throw it in the trash? I looked everywhere.  Retraced my steps.  You see, I was out of town in a motel.  the only place I'd been was in the lobby area to eat breakfast and the exercise room. 

Asked at the front desk. No phone.  They called the number and it went straight to voice mail.  Whoever had it had turned it off or it had gone dead.  But I thought it was fully charged so I really thought someone had found it and just turned it off and kept it.

Went back to the room, emptied everything out.  No phone.  Emailed my husband at his meeting.  He didn't have it.

Went downstairs to the fitness center again.  The staff was having a meeting right in the middle of the hallway and the manager asked if anyone found a blackberry.  Someone had.  She found it in the fitness center and had put it in her office.  I'm so happy it was found but why didn't she just turn it in to the front desk?  It would have saved me a lot of anxiety.

I promise I'm going to get back to my healthy living tips. Or maybe this is one! When you travel, use the fitness center. Thirty minutes on the elliptical machine is a great workout. Just make sure your cell phone is in a pocket where it won't fall out!   

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