Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving-Famine or Feast

Why does it have to be either one?  Take the middle ground. Most of us tend to overeat during the holidays. Last year, I didn't have any problem with overeating. The heart attack was still fresh on my mind.  I didn't even eat one of my Mother's fresh baked yeast biscuits because I know they are made with solid artery clogging shortening. 

This is my tip for Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the food.  So much of eating is a mind game.  Decide what you are gong to eat and how much ahead of time.  Take small portions.  Eat slowly and savour every bite. Make the smaller portions last a long time.

After the meal, talk someone into going with you on a walk if the weather is good.  Even if it isn't so good, bundle up. Or get out the Wii and bowl.  Plan this ahead of time and stick to your plan.

Remember so much of eating is a mind game.

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